Quality, Versatility, Credibility and Readiness

Since its founding in the year 2000, Lourofood has directed all its efforts to respond with quality, versatility, credibility and promptness to its customers.

About Us

Our wide range of products has been continuously growing, having in its range cheeses that are sliced, grated, cubes, portions and snacks. We acquired the most updated technology and facilities that have allowed high productivity rates and few quality complaints. All the production and logistics are computerized, in a way to respond to all the standards of quality and traceability that nowadays are imposed on the whole market.

Your Body Thanks You

Cheese is an important source of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B12, and protein, among other nutrients essential for our well-being

Cheese is a good food complement. It is valuable for being easily transported , having long durability and high contents of fats, protein, calcium and phosphorus. cheese is a more compact way of nutrition.

There are several types of cheeses being produced all round the globe. Different styles and flavors of cheese result from the use of milk from different mammals, whose diet has different fat contents. It also results from the species of lactic cultures used, variation of curing time and other transformation elements.

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